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The process of detecting hail damage is difficult. Damage can range from very large, highly visible dents and tears to almost undetectable indentations or tears. However, even small amounts of damage can harm the surfacing material of your roof, leading to deterioration of the shingles months later. Normally, if a shingle indicates outward damage, the underlying components may be compromised and affected to some degree. On damaged roofs, the hail impact may affect the embedment of the granular surfacing in the asphalt top coating. This loosens the granules, potentially allowing the granules to separate from the coating layer and wash off the roof. Without the granule surfacing, the asphalt top coating is exposed to ultraviolet radiation from ordinary sunlight and will eventually deteriorate, which could lead to a potential leak.

When evaluating hail damage, look for the following conditions:

  • Tears in the Shingle – The main areas showing damage usually include hips, ridges, and butt edges of shingles.

  • Indentations in the Shingle – Indentations will be either round or half-moon shaped. Some damage may not be visible and will require you to feel for any indentations.

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